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Suitable for beginners right through to elite athletes.
Level 1, 2, & 3 individual assessments will be made to ensure you are working with in your body's limitations.


Are you ready to send your metabolism into overdrive?
These fast moving, full body sessions burn serious calories and see healthier results. Continue to challenge your body as you utilize a large variety of high intensity movements which involve slam balls, sleds, kettlebells, battle ropes, resistance bands and much more.


The best of both worlds.
High intensity boxing tied in with elements of ‘Bodysweat’ which will undoubtedly challenge the mind, body and soul. A great combination of bag work and partner pad work –a great way of reducing life’s stresses.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Training Programs that are specifically designed to each individual's goal. Whether you are new to training or want to take it to another level, our challenge program is just what you need. These highly motivating and affordable sessions are guaranteed to progress a honest transformation.

Capacity: 4 per session


Quality beats quantity, right?
Functional, lower and upper body training strength split across the session. We incorporate a focus on the core as a unit with sound form and technique. Let us guide you to becoming a stronger, leaner and fitter version of yourself.

YOUR LAB – (Private Group Training)

Is your team ready to go to another level?
Whether you’re looking to build stronger relationships, or simply improve your health and wellbeing - we tailor this session to help your team reach the next level as you take over the Lab!


Can’t get to the studio, we can come to you! Tailored to the groups needs, we specialise in HIIT (high Intensity Interval Training), Strength Training, functional fitness and boxing.


Our 'Babes' program will focus on strengthening the posterior chain, whilst mostly targeting the Glute Muscles. We will teach the importance of Glute Activation, how to load the glutes to build strength, progressive overload when resistance training & technique of the main lifts for Glute recruitment.

Super Saturday Sweat

Strength X Sweat X Box


45 minutes -
Set in our Flow studio, this is a true mat-based Pilates class coupled with low-impact cardio. You’ll combine exercises that tone the body and strengthen the core, and low-impact moves that increase the heart rate and improve your cardiovascular fitness. It’s the class that started it all, and you’ll see why.